Presentation of our project

Connect’Home is an Open Source project on home automation. The goal is to control naturally your domotic devices in your home, like the lights, the shutters, the security of your house, or whatever else that is controlable through a network.

By naturally, we mean that you will be able to use gestual and vocal peripherals to control your domotic installation. We are actually working with a Kinect, a bracelet and a microphone.

We will provide a web interface that allows multiple users in one home to have their own scenarios for each controller. By scenario, we mean that the users will be able to create a list of actions to do and associate that list to a gesture/command available on one of the controlers.

For instance :
You create a scenario « Lights ON living room ». In this scenario, you want to light all the lights of the living room. In order to do that, you select all the ligths of the living room, you choose the state « ON ». Then, you choose the controller you want to use to launch this scenario, and finally one of the available actions associated to this controller. Once you have done this, you save the configuration, and then you will be able to use your newly made scenario.

This web interface will also allow the users to see the state of the captors of the home, like the lights, the temperature or whatever is connected to the domotic box of the house. This web interface will be accessible from every device with an adapted view, thanks to the use of a responsive design Framework (Twitter Bootstrap).

But we also had a thought to developpers : we will only develop three controllers, and probably you will want to add new devices. We will explain in a next post why our project is ready for evolution.

We provide as an attached file our « Project Vision And Plan », a document (in French, sorry for that) that explains why we do this project.

See you soon for a next article !

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